As my husband and I have just returned from a holiday in Icmeler, I wanted to write to some organisation, i.e,. the Tourist Information Office, to tell them how much we enjoyed the holiday, apart from the weather being glorious all the time, the food was excellent, and we fell in love with Turkish people - they are so, so lovely and are always smiling and the greetings we got, even from strangers, was overwhelming.
This is the first time ever I have felt the need to write to a resort in a foreign country where I spent a holiday but believe me, I can't find the words to say how much my husband and I enjoyed ourselves.  We arrived in Icmeler on 21st September and the welcome we got from all sorts of people on that first evening was just amazing, and it was genuine.   When we left on the morning of 5th October and we went to say 'Good-bye' to a few friends we had met, I wanted to stay and felt so very sad because a wonderful holiday was at an end.   I had to hold the tears back but had a little weep on the way to Dalaman Airport.
We made friends with all the staff (including the Boss) at Gondols, near Hotel 47 - Salem, Tim, Ollie, Jimmy, Adam;  we enjoyed several excellent meals at Ensines where the food and service was first class - these to names just two.   Hotel 47 couldn't have been better and the service from everyone was top rate.   Lucy, the Receptionist, was always there to help us, Vacey was always on hand at breakfast time to carry plates or cups to our table, always with a big smile;  Orhan also served at breakfast, he also gave service with a big smile, and I even got a kiss each morning when I came down to breakfast.   Because he was the barman as well, we saw a lot of him and got on extremely well with him.  He was always there to remove empty glasses, wipe tables, pour drinks, find time to stop and talk and we certainly had some good laughs with him;  Morad was the chef and very good he was too and his assistant was Uhmet?
We were advised to go and visit Eric at Erokoy Travel Agency and we booked the Village Tour with him.   What an experience.   There was certainly plenty of air conditioning in the bus which arrived to pick us up at our hotel and from the start it was fun, fun, fun all the way.   Our guide was Mony and he made the day so interesting for us all.   Even the bus driver joined in the fun and made us laugh even more.
Also we went to Dalyan and had a dip in the mud baths and went looking for turtles but we were unlucky.   Serkan was another excellent guide and made the trip so interesting and we hqad a truly wonderful day.   I could go on and on about the other people we met but it would take pages and pages.   I would like to mention Michael (our adopted son) who was at the Herbalist Shop in Icmeler.  Each time we passed, he would invite us in for a 'tea party' and we would sample all his teas, apple tea, orange tea, mint tea, etc. etc. and as a result of being a very good salesman, we brought several lots home with us.
The shopping was a dream and another very nice man we met called himself Del Boy and managed to sell me quite a lot of perfume but I couldn't resist his chat-up lines - they were brilliant.
Ron and I have already decided where our holiday destination will be in 2002 but we will have to wait and see awhile because of all the troubles in the world at the moment.  Hopefully there will be peace because we can't wait to get back to our favourite holiday resort and meet up with our friends again.
I can't finish this letter without saying that we also visited Marmaris and although we didn't spend a lot of time there, we were very impressed with it and again the people were so friendly.   The pace was a fit 'fast' for us as we like the quieter resorts but we certainly did enjoy our visits there.   Hopefully, when we next visit, we will spend more time there.
Thank you for allowing me to tell you about our wonderful holiday in Icmeler, it was an experience we wouldn't have missed and we just wish we hadn't visited your beautiful country before but believe me, WE WILL BE BACK.
Good luck in all the good work you do, thank you and, if I had a drink in my hand, I would say SERAFER.