Pharmacy on Duty in Marmaris

Pharmacy on duty in marmaris
A view form pharmacy on duty in marmaris

Pharmacy on Duty in Marmaris

Pharmacy on Duty tonight, there are 2 on-duty pharmacies in Marmaris.

The service hours of pharmacies on duty are between 18:30 and 08:30.

Часы работы дежурных аптек с 18:30 вечера до 08:30 утра

What is a Pharmacy on Duty?

Medicines are as important as bread and water for patients. A disruption in the supply of medication will worsen the current situation for the patient. Patients can easily obtain their medicines from pharmacies within the specified working hours.

With the end of working hours, the pharmacy on duty comes into play. Pharmacies on duty extend their normal working hours and often serve until night.

In this way, patients do not have any problems with drug supply. Pharmacies on duty may vary in number depending on the size and small size of the city. For this reason, they do not have a clear number and are determined by taking into account the city structure.

Which day and which pharmacies will be on duty is coordinated by the Chamber of Pharmacy. In other words, each pharmacy determines its duty status and working hours in accordance with the procedure.


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