Average Food and Drink Prices in Marmaris

Average food and drink prices in Marmaris, prices can vary depending on the type of establishment, location, and the specific dish or drink you order.

Prices for groceries can vary depending on the items you purchase. Generally, you can expect prices similar to those in other Turkish holiday resorts.

Please note that these prices are approximate and can change over time. It’s always a good idea to check local listings, menus, or consult with locals for the most up-to-date information on prices in Marmaris.

Updated on 7th of February 2024

Type :

Turkish Lira

British Pound


USA Dollar

Russian Ruble

Danish Krone

Swedish Krona

Norwegian Krone
A Bottle of Efes Beer75.00 TL
A Bottle of Bomonti95.00 TL
A Bottle of Corona165.00 TL
A Bottle of Tuborg Beer85.00 TL
A Bottle of Becks Beer135.00 TL
A Bottle of Carlsberg Beer95.00 TL
A Bottle of Miller Beer135.00 TL
A Bottle of Malt Efes Beer85.00 TL
A Glass of Local Wine125.00 TL
A Glass of Import Wine140.00 TL
A Bottle of Local Wine400.00 TL
A Bottle of Import Wine500.00 TL
A Bottle of Water15.00 TL
A Bottle of Mineral Water40.00 TL
A Glass of Fresh Fruit Juice70.00 TL
A Bottle of Cola50.00 TL
A Bottle of Fanta50.00 TL
A Bottle of Sprite50.00 TL
A Cup of Tea15.00 TL
A Cup of Turkish Cofee40.00 TL
A Cup of Nescafe50.00 TL
A Cup of Americano50.00 TL
A Cup of Ice Coffee70.00 TL
A Cup of Espresso45.00 TL
A Cup of Latte60.00 TL
A Cup of Cappuccino50.00 TL
A Cup of Hot Chocolate70.00 TL
A Glass of Local liquer130.00 TL
A Glass of Import liquer150.00 TL
A Glass of Local Raki125.00 TL
A Glass of Local Vodka125.00 TL
A Glass of Local Gin135.00 TL
A Glass of Local Brandy210.00 TL
A Glass of Local Cognac290.00 TL
A Glass of Import Vodka195.00 TL
A Glass of Import Gin200.00 TL
A Glass of Import Brandy225.00 TL
A Glass of Import Cognac210.00 TL
A Glass of Import Whisky225.00 TL
A Glass of B 52225.00 TL
A Glass of Blue Hawai225.00 TL
A Glass of Cuba Libre225.00 TL
A Glass of Long Island Ice Tea225.00 TL
A Glass of Mai Tai225.00 TL
A Glass of Margarita225.00 TL
A Glass of Mojito225.00 TL
A Glass of Pine Colada225.00 TL
A Glass of Sex on The Beach225.00 TL
A Glass of Tequila Sunrise225.00 TL
A Glass of Zombue225.00 TL
Chicken Dish190.00 TL
Meat Dish350.00 TL
Seafood Dish600.00 TL
Chicken Dinner Menu350.00 TL
Meat Dinner Menu550.00 TL
Seafood Dinner Menu750.00 TL
Chicken lunch Menu350.00 TL
Meat Lunch Menu500.00 TL
Seafood Lunch Menu750.00 TL
Hamburger120.00 TL
Cheeseburger130.00 TL
Chips60.00 TL
Pizza150.00 TL
Turkish Breakfast170.00 TL
English Breakfast135.00 TL