What Is The Weather Overview Like In Marmaris?

Weather overview like in marmaris
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What Is The Weather Overview Like In Marmaris?

What Is The Weather Overview Like In Marmaris? Marmaris a port city in south-west Turkey on the Mediterranean coast, has a Mediterranean climate with long, hot, humid summers and mild, rainy winters. Summer in Marmaris can be quite hot with temperatures regularly getting into the high 30s and rarely peaking in the 40s. July and August are the hottest months and see around fourteen hours of sunshine a day. Heat, sunshine and minimal rain can be guaranteed between May and October; many may prefer to avoid Marmaris during July and August as the resort is so pleasant out of the very peak of the season.

Daytime temperatures already reach 20°C by April and can remain as hot as that into early November. The average number of hours of sunshine per day doesn’t go below five all year round.

Marmaris Average Monthly Weather Temperatures in Celsius

Monthly Marmaris weather data is based on the research years from 1975 to 2024 in Marmaris

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Average12.0° C10.7° C10.9° C
Maximum16.5° C15.2° C15.4° C
Minimum8.4° C7.1° C7.1° C
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Average12.9° C16.0° C20.6° C
Maximum17.7° C15.2° C25.9° C
Minimum8.7° C11.5° C15.5° C
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Average25.6° C28.3° C28.1° C
Maximum31.4° C34.4° C34.3° C
Minimum20.0° C22.9° C23.1° C
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Average24.7° C20.1° C15.2° C
Maximum30.8° C25.9° C20.4° C
Minimum19.9° C15.7° C11.3° C