The Best Places To Stay In Marmaris In 2024

The best places to stay in marmaris in 2024
A view from icmeler and icmeler beach marmaris

The Best Places To Stay In Marmaris In 2024 is not a hotel booking site, so we are free to offer this information to help you choose the best places to stay in Marmaris in 2024 in a better, savvier and smarter way.

The first and the obvious is not to look at hotel ratings provided by tour operators, agents or advisor websites offering travellers’ reviews. It goes without saying that anyone involved in the booking business tends to push the sales up for hotels offering more income to them. Instead do your own research, like with anything else and look for more accurate information, genuine photos and videos provided by travelers and hotel guests on the Internet. You can look those up easily by searching ‘location’ of any hotel anywhere.

When you decide to book your room look carefully into details and try to understand what is behind the common terms used by tour operators and hotels even the straightforward terms like ‘Free Wi-Fi’ or ‘Free Entertainment’. Free Wi-Fi could mean that it is only free in the lobby. If you ask for a Wi-Fi in the room there could be a price attached; however, no guarantee of the speed or the quality. Free entertainment could mean anything from a ‘once in a while’ performances or dance shows to an extensive daily and evening entertainment.

Mind you the entertainment is a seasonal thing so don’t expect much in most hotels. A proverb comes to mind ‘the only free cheese is in the mousetrap. Any free offers could be traps to lure you into booking. Outsmart the system and ask for a written confirmation of any services that are important to you on holiday, stating whether those are free or not, such confirmation should list the prices of any locally paid services.

Are you looking to start your days on your holiday with a full English breakfast? Sorry, but here in Marmaris and Turkey it’s a traditional Turkish breakfast that is included in your hotel stay. A traditional English breakfast comes with a price. Turkish breakfasts have variations so make sure you know what it is before you book.

Water, juice and soft drinks are mainly available from a dispenser machine. Local beer, whatever mark it may be is mostly draft. Hot beverages are mostly available from tea and coffee machines, forget a good brew for a while. Unless just like with breakfast you would like to pay extra. Surprisingly that goes for Turkish coffee too in most hotels.

Turkish coffee is mostly available at an additional cost in hotels, better check before you book. If you have a minibar in your room don’t expect it to be full or included in your stay. The key term here is the ‘concept’ so go ahead and ask for the hotel’s ‘All inclusive’ concept, whether it is an all-inclusive or ultra all-inclusive or any other fancy name they have given it, as it could still exclude loads.

Just so you know, most hotels do not have all-inclusive service on the beach. Some may give you a chance of walking back to the hotel to grab your drinks to enjoy on the beach. The term ‘private beach’ does not mean what it assumes there could be people other than hotel guests and no one to supervise the beach. Sunbed availability varies depending on the season too.

Are you dreaming of staying all day by the pool in a hotel? If so choose a hotel that has several swimming pools, so you have the freedom of movement and more sunbeds! The struggle for sunbeds is real)

When you read about the a la carte bars and restaurants in any hotel, please don’t get too excited. These are not included and the most you could have as hotel guests is a discount on certain drinks or menus. This information is also available from reputable tour operators and hotels.

We have tried to cover the most important points involved in hotel choice in Marmaris and if you are struggling with your choice feel free to contact us and check similar reads about hotels in Marmaris and Icmeler:

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