See the number one complaint about Marmaris hotels

See the number one complaint about Marmaris hotels

We are ending the second month of the 2023 tourism season and this calls for addressing the number one complaint about Marmaris hotels.

Unfortunately, more and more people are not exactly happy with food options offered by hotels in Marmaris. They openly complain about hotel food in hotel reviews on Tripadvisor. The food is listed among the weak points at even top rated hotels. Why are people complaining about the food in Marmaris hotels?

The hospitality sector in Turkey has already been hit hard by the pandemic. Now, rising food costs, supply chain issues and a shortage of staff are adding to the stress.

No doubt the hoteliers want to put more variety on their menus, but the price of food in Turkey is through the roof. To keep the all inclusive going the hoteliers work on buttons, but the meat, fish and poultry prices are continuing to rise. To be honest local hotels have to increase their prices. This means that everyone’s got to get used to the price of a holiday with decent menu choices, including fresh meat, poultry and fish will never be cheap. 

Beef is a prime example of how meat prices have gone up. Someone has to cover those costs. At the moment the hoteliers are shouldering major part of it, the restaurants are shouldering some of it but it has to be passed on eventually. ‘Prime’ fish, meat and poultry is scarce, but also impossibily expensive so hoteliers and restaurants can’t put them on the menu.