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 All our animals that find homes in Europe have contracts with new owners and are protected by animals societies in Turkey and societies in all our designated countries.

 None of our animals are sent to laborotories for testing and we do not condone thins. We do not sell our animals for monetary gain. The welfare of all our animals is our utmost concern.

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For all offline donations and fundraising options please see HELP LINE

Cat Shelter Help Line

When we are on holiday we often come across street animals, and we immediately feel sorry for them............


Unfortunately the first thing we do is think that we have to SAVE them, take them under our protection, without realising that that protection will only last the length of our stay, and then????.........floods of calls go out to the local animal carers or sanctury workers who we might add are already over worked and under funded with serious animal problems that are not caused by tourist intervention,

We mean well, this is indesputable, but are we doing the right thing, we feed them, we encourage them into our hotels, restaurants. there are soon to be complaints when, the cats start having their babies in the premises, or they start jumping on the tables and peoples laps, or scratching people who try to feed them,



Feed them by all means, but not in the restaurants, not in the hotels. find the nearest dustbin and feed them there. they are alreay feeding from the bins, so nothing changes there.
If a cat appears on your balcony, dont immediately take it into your room and start to care for it!!!!! I know its hard but you have to think of the consequenses,dont teach it to be cared for when you are not going to be there in a couple of weeks,......
take the food and coaxe them to the dustbins and feed them there. When you leave at the end of your holidays they will still find food in those bins, and they wont be too used to human contact.
Please remember that feral or semi feral cats survive better with support rarther than totally domesticating them, and thats exactly what we do when we take them into our rooms and our arms, the closer you get to the street cats the more you take away their chances of survival and their independance.


On the other hand, when you do find an injured or sick cat, then we welocome your call, we are always there to help you when this happens, we cannot turn our backs on an ill cat

Tierhilfe vier tatzen
Support came from another society in Germany Tierhilfe vier tatzen. This time from Frankfurt, Daniella Trautwein president of Tierhilfe found us on the internet during our crisis with the old cat shelter.
First of all I met Danny's Mum and Dad . . . Hildrud and Horst.

They had heard about the demolition order against us and timed their holiday so they could support us in person when we went to see the governor of the state in Mugla (the Vali). They also bombarded the Government with faxes of protest along with many other people they'd contacted.

Then a month later came Daniella, loaded down with food, toys, cat mild and other goodies - a little lady with a big heart and an infectious laugh, you can never feel sad and lonely with Danny.
From the moment I met this family I new I'd never be alone again and that gave me a wonderful feeling. From then onwards, whenever they had a working holiday in Antalya or Dalyan, Dalaman, Ortaca they always paid us a quick visit.

It was Danny who started a home page for my cats (and dogs), with their photographs. She would find good homes for particular cats and dogs. Here is the link to TH:  and email Then Erhard and Ursula Essling whom you've already met would repeatedly deliver my loved ones to their final homes.

Please contact us if you too are interested in becoming a God Parent and helping us to transport these animals to Germany or Holland. We always have people to pick the animals up a the destimation airport, plus their is absolutely no risk and no cost.

If you are intending to come to Marmaris/ Icmeler you can help by bringing cat collars, English books, toys, child-size blankets, small quantaties of special food such as kitten food or kidney problem diet.

And of course while you are here you can visit us, spend some time with us and even sponsor a special cat, particullarly one who has no chance of being re-homed.

Prior to coming on holiday try having a collection at work or at your local pub, the money raised is not only for the cats at the shelter, but also the cats on the streets. Please help.

Donation Coordinators:

BANK: Yapi Kredi
Name: Jean Louise Thirkill, Cats House
Bank No. 67
Bank Code No. 0227-9 Marmaris
Account No. 0185966-9
Customer No. 166149004
To avoid having to write various account numbers the customer number is given here, therefore all currencies Euro, Sterling, Dollar (any of these foreign currencies), including YTL can be transferred to the cat shelter

Or Akbank (which is easier for German sponsors)
Subesi no. AKBKTRIS
Account no. 0055763-7
Marmaris 615

We need to support our veterinaries for sterilization of the street cats. We desperately need sutures absorbable vycrl 0, 2/0, 3/0, injectable antibiotics, injectable worming, disinfectants such as hibiscrub and zoflora.

We always use pillows for cat beds so standard pillow cases are always a need. BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS and more books. We are desparate for new second hand books as they are the biggest fundraiser for us.

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