Merhaba from Scotland,
What a wonderful site, but nothing could do justce to the beautiful scenery of Marmaris!
We visit as often as possible but always have trouble organising the flights as they seem to have too few available from Scotland. Can you put any pressure on the authorities concerned to get more?  We have told so many friends about Marmaris, and most have visited. Everyone has booked for the following year on their return.

You mention you may start offering flights through your site. That would be wonderful. One of the best flights we took was with Onur air, but we have to go through one of the large operators to get it.
A couple of restauraants we particularly enjoy are Sofra,by the bazar and Kircicegi. Both offer wonderful Turkish dishes and excellent service.
I will be flying out in two days time for my last visit of this year, and look forward to seeing all our friends again. I will also be taking the opportunity to do all my Christmas shopping at the same time!
Congratulations on your excellent site which I will visit regularly.