It's been a while from when I posted my first message way back in October so I thought I'd send another.  Since the day we booked to come back for the 3rd time Charlene (my sister) made a count down, week 33 stands out in my mind and already we're at number 10.  Everyone can't wait to go.  I've heard that some of the waiters and bartenders who worked at the Portobello Apartments which is where we'll be staying again have got new jobs in other bars and hotels but I do hope to see them again.  So Alex, Bobby, Eric (our gorgeous waiter) we hope to see you all at Cheers.  To the other waiters who may still be at the Portobello - Jimmy, Smiley, Eddie, Philip - can't wait to sit in Big Fingers and have a drink with you.  A quick hello to Lisa, Robert and Michael.  To end this message I have to say something to my girls............Charlene, Laura, Carly and Lyndsay we'll have to warn Marmaris somehow cause the mad, mental UK girls are coming to party on the beach front in every bar.