We all have one goal – to get to the end of the season

Everyone in the hospitality industry here in Marmaris have been amazing. At one point we didn’t know anything when or how the season would start. Hotels needed loads of adjustments to make it happen. They were required to install thermal cameras, employ medical personnel, place social distancing signs, and provide tons of supplies including face masks, hand sanitizers, but above all hotels are required to form a dedicated team to handle a COVID19 suspected or confirmed cases. It was a lot of work that continues to be every hotel’s management task. It was overwhelming to finance and prepare for all these new requirements so a large number of hotels kept their doors shut.

As soon as flights from Europe to Turkey have resumed we were truly delighted to see full flights to Dalaman and Bodrum airports. It has really given us all a boost over the past few months because it shows how many people love and trust Turkey.
These people are taking the risk as chances of facing fines in Marmaris are high or quarantine requirements upon return, if Turkey is suddenly removed from the safe destinations list by your home country.
Now we are focused on one goal – getting it right to the end! And it looks like we will continue to the end of November.

Local news has never been more important and we will be sharing further developments from Marmaris as the situation evolves.

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