Time to check Foreign Travel Advice for Turkey

Time to check Foreign Travel Advice for Turkey

Travel Advice for Turkey. Countries begin to lift travel bans for Turkey in time for summer vacation. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom has updated its advice against all non-essential travel and removed Turkey from that list on July 03rd 2020. This means you are free to travel to Turkey as of July 04th 2020 based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks.

An update to maps also reflects that as of 4 July Turkey is exempt from FCO advice against non-essential international travel. Now seems to be the perfect time to have a holiday as the temperatures are hot, the sun is up and crowds are absent.

No wonder Europe has a different mind. Temporary travel restrictions continue to apply for most countries in the European Union. The borders with our neighbour countries Bulgaria and Greece are still closed. Among the members of the EU there are only Albania and Montenegro have lifted travel bans for Turkey.

European Union travel recommendations are updated every two weeks, with the next reassessment taking place on July 15th.

Sources: The Foreign & Commonwealth Office, An official website of the European Union