Republic Exhibition

Marmaris Exhibition dedicated to the 95th Anniversary of Turkish Republic

An exhibition dedicated to the 95th Anniversary of Turkish Republic will be open today at 17:30 at the Culture and Arts Hall in Marmaris. The exhibition will stay open from the 26th of October to the 5th of November to mark the celebration of the Republic Day on the 29th of October. Tip: the Culture and Arts hall is marked on google maps as Marmaris Belediyesi Kültür ve Sanat Evi. On October 29, 1923, Ataturk declared the new Turkish State a “Republic”. He dispelled his country’s archaic beliefs and customs for it was essential for Turkey to Westernize to progress towards the level of contemporary civilizations. The series of reforms were welcomed by the Turkish people. The new Turkish State founded in 1920 requires a new legal system; thus Ataturk adopted the Swiss Civil Code as substitute for Canonical Law, and instead of the penal code then in force brought the Italian Penal Code. As a result of such a modification, secularism, one of the fundamentals of Kemalism, signifying the complete separation of government and

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23 Nisan Marmaris
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Continuing Coverage: Children’s Day in Marmaris

Children’s Day in Marmaris The 23rd of April is the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day in Turkey celebrated with a focus on future our children. This important date was established by our greatest leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and has been celebrated for the 99th year this year. Marmaris was especially festive since the 21st of April and today the 23rd of April was a culmination of all celebrations and action. Children enjoyed the music, face painting, clowns and their favourite cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and Mini Mouse at the marina, Masha and Transformers at the Macera (Adventure Park) and inflatable playgrounds by the central fountain on the 19th May Youth and Sports square. Needless to say, everywhere was busy and fun as all events were free. Children’s Day in Turkey brings families and children together for more fun outdoors, games and picnics. The Children’s Day in Turkey is also unique in a way that the government officials leave their posts to kids for one day, and this includes our President, ministers and mayors! This

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