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Here’s the latest news about the lessening of the restrictions in Turkey.

The restaurants and cafes are open from 7am until 7pm in all areas except for the extremely high risk area. Limited to 50% capacity. (effective 02/03/2021)

Curfew hours imposed from 21:00 until 05:00 am are continued in all of the country. (effective 02/03/2021)

Weekend lockdowns are lifted for low risk areas. (effective 02/03/2021)
Sunday lockdowns are continued in high risk areas. (effective 02/03/2021)
Weekend lockdown is continued in extremely high risk areas. (effective 02/03/2021)

65+ and under 20 years old restrictions are lifted for low and minor risk areas.
High risk and extremely high risk areas restrict the hours to be out from 10:00 – 14:00 for people over 65 years of age, while anyone younger than 20 can go out from 14:00 – 18:00. (effective 02/03/2021)

Wedding guest list is limited to 100 guests in low and minor risk areas. (effective 02/03/2021)
Wedding guest list is limited to 50 guests in high and extremely high risk areas. (effective 02/03/2021)

Covid19 map of turkey
Covid19 map of turkey image source covid19 Saglik Gov Tr

Provinces are coloured according to Covid 19 risk:

Blue – low risk
Yellow- medium risk
Orange – high risk
Red – extremely high risk

These new restrictions will be revised every two weeks. “The decision to tighten or loosen measures will be made according to the improvement or worsening of the pandemic [situation] in each of our provinces,” said Erdogan.

Oxford Economics suggest that the summer of 2021 won’t be any different than the summer of 2020 on terms of travel and tourism. This forecast is quite sad for all of us involved in travel and tourism industry. We are looking forward to seeing the beaches and hotels full again.

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