How are Marmaris hospitals and Emergency units handling the situation

How are Marmaris hospitals and Emergency units handling the situation

Dear Friends,

For the last few weeks there are more talks about the second wave. Ankara was given the name of “Wuhan” city for the currect crisis with rapidly increased number of COVID-19 patients.
On the daily news we listen to the Turkish authorities who keep telling the measures will be increased.
Needless to say we stayed away from hospitals and healthcare places.
All kinds of stories are told about how busy and overcrowded local hospitals and emergency units are in our small resort of Marmaris.
Since there is no way to be able to see statistics on how busy hospitals are in Marmaris we have decided to take the step and made two random visits to one of the major hospitals in Marmaris which claims to have sufficient critical supplies and the capacity to treat non-COVID patients.
First visit was in the evening when it’s typically a busier time for paramedics. Yet we have never seen this hospital so quiet. There were only two families with children who got ill in the emergency, an older couple sitting by the door and a woman outside with a child. It was a mix of local and foreign patients. Then there was one local man sitting at a table outside, playing with his phone. The two ambulances were parked. We are not sure how many ambulances this hospital owns though. The car parking lot looked full but quiet too. The hospital placed a tent for smokers where there were medical staff smoking and laughing about something. It was a good sight and we left feeling positive and hopeful.
On our next visit in the early afternoon the admission was busy but it seemd that services were running smoothly and fast. The health personell are the ones to be praised in Turkey and all around the world. We are thankful Marmaris has the facilities of three hospitals and many private clinics and practioners. In the worst scenario the health care system in Turkey is responding to any call asking ambulance services to ‘divert’ patients to other hospitals in Mugla and Bodrum in case local facilities become too busy.

Local news has never been more important.

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