What’s it like to go out in Marmaris in time of coronavirus

What’s it like to go out in Marmaris in time of coronavirus

What’s it like to go out in Marmaris. The coronavirus is changing how we live, travel and entertain ourselves in Marmaris Turkey.

To be honest, it hasn’t been the best time for going out to drink or dance. According to the Ministry of Health, 1673 new positive cases have been confirmed in Turkey on September 9.

In the entertainment world, the music ban to stop the spread of coronavirus has affected a lot of businesses not only in Marmaris. According to the latest rule music must be turned off by midnight. This is mostly aimed to stop entertainment during the weddings, family reunions, engagements, etc. Weddings have now been limited in duration and number of guests. But still not forbidden. Half of the summer was extremely busy with weddings in Turkey, which is now blamed for COVID19 spread by the officials. One of the recent news showed a wedding with 1500 guests in attendance, which is not an unusual number of guests at a wedding in Turkey.

Unfortunately the public attraction in Marmaris center the Music Fountain and Light Show has been cancelled due to pandemic.

Here is a happier momentum in Marmaris: the clubs, bars, cafes, restaurants on the harbour, Armutalan and Long Beach continue to entertain holiday makers, but the latest music ban is proving stressful for people who are not used to go to bed by midnight… The Bar Street remains shut since the global pandemic’s beginning.
The music ban applies to all hotels around Marmaris, Icmeler and the whole of Turkey. Hotels are changing and limiting the entertainment programmes to avoid fines and restrictions by local authorities.

Last but not least: almost everyone wears a face mask even in hot weather. You will not be allowed to enter a shop or restaurant without a mask. It’s allowed to take off your face mask while eating, drinking or on the beach. Hot weather is not an excuse.

For the latest updates on how the coronavirus is changing holidays in Marmaris Turkey follow us and stay tuned & safe.

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