The question about Marmaris and Turkey that has been long avoided…. let’s make it public

What is the question about Marmaris and Turkey that has been long avoided in light of the current situation with COVID 19? We are sure it’s on everyone’s mind.

Is it too quick to reopen? Yes that is true for all other countries in the Med that have reopened already and Turkey is next to reopen to tourists.

According to researchers at the Oxford University Blavatnik School of Government who monitor government shutdown orders and other interventions, it is not.

The Oxford University use a Stringency Index based on which Turkey in general scores high on community understanding and engagement with a score of 0.8 out of 1.

Turkey scores highest on management of COVID-19 cases as it has been providing FREE treatment to all who became ill with this virus.

Overall score is 0,6  out of 1 showing that the country is more ready to exit lockdown.

Source: Lockdown Rollback Checklist 1 June 2020 Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker OxCGRT