Food Market in Gokova
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Food Market in Gokova

Turkish food markets are the place where locals buy fresh local produce, vegetables, fruit and even houseware and clothing. This particular market is in Gokova. It is one of the weekend markets and a real
Marmaris Festival
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When is Marmaris Festival?

Marmaris famous for festivals, large and small. Marmaris hosts all kind of festivals stretching from music and food, to film, dance, folklore, cycling and yachting festivals. Many of the events in Marmaris are international like
Marmaris November 2020
Marmaris Health

Covid-19: New restrictions

Covid restrictions are to be further tightened in all of Turkey this week, starting tomorrow Wednesday November 18th, with the closure of pubs and restaurants. The worst-affected areas remain to be Istanbul and Ankara. A