Marmaris hoteliers have been busy to adjust to new realities of life and pressures on their business. One of the highest pressures on Marmaris hotels right now is to get accredited for the Safe Tourism Certificate. The audit is performed by an independent private company that thoroughly checks prevention, health, hygiene measures and protocols against COVID-19. Needless to say it is a long, complicated and costly process that requires a dedicated team actively working in the hotel who will prepare it for audit. Several hotels have completed the accreditation and received their ‘Safe Tourism Certificate’. This has allowed them to open earlier in June and beginning of July. There are more hotels that are catching up and announced reopening from 15 July.

Marmaris hotels that have announced their opening date to be the 15th of July 2020:

Marti Resort hotel will reopen on July 14th.

Cettia Beach hotel will reopen on July 15th.

Green Nature Diamond hotel will reopen on July 15th.

Later this month the following hotels have announced openings:

Golden Rock hotel will reopen on July 21.

Pasa Beach hotel will reopen on July 24.

Blue Bay Platinum Hotel will reopen on July 28.

Tui Blue Grand Azur Hotel will reopen on July 29.

Icmeler hotels are falling behind, with a number of hotels planning to reopen in August. We will keep you up to date on the latest developments in Marmaris and Icmeler. As before we ask you to let us know about hotels in Marmaris or Icmeler that has announced the opening dates and was not mentioned in our article please email us
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