Is there a fire near Marmaris?

As the wildfire season in Turkey continues, and with the safety of our residents and visitors our top priority, MarmarisInfo continues to notify about most recent wildfires in our area based on the local, county, and state resources to help effectively monitor ongoing wildfire activity, and track air quality.

The current wildfire in Datca Peninsula threatens biodiversity including the sandalwood, wild pistachio, mastic trees, olive trees, and animal species like wild goats, caracals (Karakulak) and grizzly bears.

The wildfire has continued in Betce in Datca peninsula. This part of Datca Peninsula is the most virgin part inhabited by wild goats, caracals (Karakulak) and grizzly bear. In case the fire moved to the highest mountain Kocadağ 1162m we are facing extinction of these species, says Dr Yasin İlemin who has been working in the area for 15 years. Dr Yasin İlemin believes that the animal species like caracals (Karakulak) and grizzly bears have escaped the most recent wildfire in Bordubet to Datca Peninsula. Habitat loss poses the greatest threat to animal and plant species that are now threatened with extinction.

Datca is well known for its clear air and many visitors drove into Datca Peninsula in search of cleaner air, especially during the pandemic years. Until recent road improvements Datca has remained an off limits destination which greatly contributed to maintain its character, keep most of its area unsettled and hazard free. The last wildfire here broke out 10 years ago.

According to the latest update on July 14 2022 at around 12:45 noon time the wildfire in Datca Peninsula is under control (!)

General information for visitors:

Before you visit Marmaris National Park or Datca Peninsula always check for the latest safety alerts and updates on current conditions on the local website and social media. With limited cell phone and GPS reception available, be sure to download, save or print a map before you visit here.

MarmarisInfo will continue to provide accurate and timely updates about active wildfires near Marmaris and will include updates on containment, road closures, evacuation orders and warnings, and public information hotlines. When putting together your go bag, include items like a lighter, portable radio, a flashlight, batteries, a cell phone charger, сopies of important documents (birth certificates, passports, etc.) and any other irreplaceable items. remains an independent source of Marmaris information since 1997, solely owned by 4S Company.

Official Sources: General Directorate of Forestry, Muğla Governorship,,

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