Have you lost your holiday insurance? Here is why you shouldn’t be bothered if you are coming to Turkey.

Have you lost your holiday insurance? Here is why you shouldn’t be bothered if you are due to come to Turkey this year.

It’s time for Good News and Turkey is ready to give a reason to all who are planning to come this year. Here is how. A health insurance package covering COVID-19 is going to be commissioned as of July 01 2020 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The insurance packages can be purchased in four simple ways:
– At the time of airlines tickets purchase (for all contracted airlines)
– Inside the airport or points of sale before passport control
– Online
– From tour operators

There are three packages and the prices starting at 15 euros for a 7 day holiday which makes 13,57 pounds.

Further to reassure everyone planning to visit Turkey this year the minister of tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy stated that hotels will not be charging extra money for overstaying your holiday at hotels in Turkey due to COVID-19.

This year all hotels are required to be compliant and receive a special accreditation for ‘Safe Tourism’ in Turkey. Marmaris is no exception. This means all hotels to be open in Marmaris will have designated quarantine isolation areas in the event of COVID-19 positive guests. The minister of tourism is talking about this in his reassuring speech.

The countries who have joined this new bilateral insurance coverage with Turkey are listed below:
Albania, Algeria, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, England, Bulgaria, Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Kuwait , Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Sources: Ministry of Culture and Tourism Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Health Republic of Turkey