COVID-19 preventative measures: a Turkish story

COVID-19 preventative measures: a Turkish story

It’s a quiet morning on a lockdown day the 20th of June 2020 in Marmaris which allows us to share the latest information on the measures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak here in Turkey and Marmaris.

Social distancing and wearing masks are among the primary aims to prevent the spread of a virus.

Because of the cultural difference of Turkish people from let’s say from Japan or Korea. When the authorities say something most of us in Turkey make up our own mind, discuss with family and friends and usually do not listen to what was told.

It’s the same as to wearing helmets for motorcyclists, seat belts in cars, baby chairs in cars, smoking in restaurants in Turkey. Now it’s masks, social distancing and COVID-19.
Turkish people continue to visit each other, get together outdoors and indoors. The news on TV shows crowds gathering by Bosphorus in Istanbul and the seaside in Antalya. People get close together because they believe the fact they know each other gives them that right. All of the measures taken by the government continue to provoke long discussions over personal freedom. Many people who were frightened earlier by the spread of COVID-19 are more mobile and care less about their social distancing in recent weeks.
Yet there is another part of community in Turkey to whom masks and social distancing is a sacrifice they continue to make since March for the public wellbeing.

The authorities in Turkey have increased the call on public to wear masks in recent weeks, in part because cases are rising in places where the pandemic stopped over a month ago, only to be back again. Since the easing of lockdown in Turkey the number of covid-19 patients have doubled up, according to the Ministry of Health.
Now mask-wearing is mandatory in public spaces and outdoors. The police will enforce this requirement all over Turkey including Marmaris and fine 900 Turkish lira for not wearing a mask.