Countrywide Lockdown Extended to 2 days

We are not looking forward to the weekend in Marmaris as we are entering into another lockdown.. Everyone in Marmaris and Turkey is ordered to stay at home on Saturday and Sunday this week. However, this lockdown is not due to COVID-19.

The lockdown in Turkey is due to University Entrance Exam (YKS). Country’s authorities have decided that a two-day lockdown will help students focus better on their exams. One reason being the absence of noise coming from traffic and general public on the streets.

Here are the lockdown details:
Saturday June 27th 2020 the lockdown hours are from 09:30 – 15:00
Sunday June 28th 2020 the lockdown hours are from 09:30 – 18:30

Source: Presidency of the Republic of Turkey

Countrywide Lockdown Extended
Countrywide Lockdown Extended