You never know when you might be seeing somewhere for the last time… Icmeler….

It is so true when they say ‘You never know when you might be seeing someone or somewhere for the last time. For us it was the 19th of July 2021 when we travelled to Icmeler to take photos and videos to share in the morning views article

This morning’s views were not something we would like to share with you. But we know you care and share the deepest sorrow about the loss and damage the wildfire has been causing since yesterday.

For the past 24 hours Turkey has been fighting against the most catastrophic wildfires in history. Our thoughts and prayers are with all who are affected in Icmeler, Aydin, Manavgat, Didim, Adana, Bodrum and the firefighters who are putting all efforts to stop the fire.

Marmaris Municipality has announced that any birds, turtles or animals who suffered from the fire will be treated by local vets free of charge. Please bring those to vets if you come across any.

The local community response to the fire in Icmeler was immediate : food and drink is being collected at designated points, people donate batteries, flashlights, sandwiches, cake, ayran and water. Several hotels offer free overnight to those that are affected by fire, namely those are Alkan hotel, Idas Club, Green Nature hotels, Cihanturk and Honeymoon hotels. Local cafes and restaurants offer free food and drink, those are Kahveci Alibey on the beach, Bono Good Times, Fredonia Coffee and Vamos Beach.

The firefighters are the heroes of the days when wildfires broke out not only in Icmeler, Marmaris, but all around Turkey. An enormous damage caused to wildlife, nature and the community. Our hearts are heavy today.