Will Marmaris International Culture & Arts Festival be going ahead?

Unfortunately with the continuing wildfire in Bordubet Marmaris the Festival committee has just announced the cancellation and postponement of some of the concerts that were planned for the weekend. The reasons for cancelling and postponing the concerts given were physical and psychological conditions created by the wildfire. The concert of Bogazici Youth Choir scheduled for the 25th of June at Marmaris Amphitheatre and İlyas Mirzayev and Muğla Folk Symphony and MAKSAD Chamber Orchestra scheduled for the 28th of June at Marmaris Amphitheatre will be postponed to a later date in autumn. The new concert dates are yet to be announced by the Festival committee. The Children’s theatre that was planned for the 24th of June in Turgut has been cancelled. According to the Festival committee public health is the main priority.