Why the following four days could change Marmaris Status Quo

The local government’s measures against the spread of Covid 19 could become a game of “ping-pong” in the following four days as there are a lot of people coming forth and back this week from all around of Turkey and abroad.

As reported earlier the local Marmaris government has responded to the threat of virus with increased measures like fining people for not wearing face masks and fining local businesses for not maintaining social distance. Several of the establishments have been fined with enormous amounts of 60 to 90 thousands of Turkish lira. Marmaris Governor goes around with a team to check all around Marmaris, Icmeler and even far our at sea. The locals feel like he is ever present. For sure, he is determined to protect Marmaris from the virus. But the following four days are Kurban Bayram ( the Sacrifice Feast) and Marmaris will be packed with Turkish holiday makers. As they come from different areas they may not be aware of the measures and rules in Marmaris. For example, tourists from Antalya who visited Marmarisinfo.com office, were surprised we are wearing face masks everywhere, except the beach in Marmaris.

According to news source IHA 21,000 cars have arrived in Marmaris in the past 24 hours. We are sure Marmaris Governor and his team will be putting in an extra effort this Bayram, but each of us can help by abiding by the rules of hygiene, mask wearing and keeping social distance to keep the status quo in Marmaris.