Who is buying Dalaman airport?

Who is buying Dalaman airport?

A deal of the year has just been announced as the private International Dalaman Airport (DLM) has been sold by its current owner and operator YDA Group. From the previous news you will recall the major renovation of International Dalaman Airport has been carried out in the recent years. Dalaman airport is now a modern and highly technological, yet retains to be a green airport in Turkey.

One of the signs that major changes were underway in International Dalaman Airport was its Instagram account. There was no activity since a week on its social media and Instagram account which used to be very active and up-to-date. The news came in today.

The Spanish multinational company Ferrovial, S.A., involved in the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of transport infrastructure and urban services, ‘has achieved financial close on the acquisition of a 60% stake in the company that manages the International Dalaman Airport concession, in Turkey. YDA Group, which has been operating the asset since 2006 and will retain a 40% stake’ says Ferrovial, S.A in the newsroom statement.

As we say in Turkish ‘Hayırlı olsun’ or ‘Congratulations’ to Ferrovial S.A. and welcome to Dalaman, Turkey.

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