What should you do on holiday amidst a wildfire

What should you do on holiday amidst a wildfire

as you may be aware a vast wildfire in Bordubet, Degirmenyani which is known as the 7 islands region and Amazon forest, just out of Marmaris is continuing. Despite all warnings continuously made by local authorities and police we were appalled to see tourists returning from Jeep Safari yesterday June 22 which was the second day of the wildfire. The current active wildfire is affecting the main route of Jeep Safari and some other trips. We understand it is your holiday time and it’s hard to miss out on activities you have planned. But please keep your holiday plan flexible as possible. Follow the local sites, Facebook and Instagram accounts for latest updates, videos, photos for safety.

Holiday activities to avoid during a wildfire include hiking, mountain and rock climbing, riding through forests and camping. Swimming in affected areas should be avoided as the helicopters refill water supply from sea. Naturally we go to nature for fresh air and peace. However, the wildfires create smoky conditions it’s important for everyone to reduce your exposure to smoke. Children, pregnant women, and people with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or heart disease, need to avoid breathing wildfire smoke. It is a good idea to stay indoors in a well air-conditioned space or your room, closed off from outside air. Wildfires can cause power outages, be prepared and have an emergency plan to get away from the affected area.

If you are following Marmarisinfo.com Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts you will agree that the local authorities including Marmaris Mayor were at the fire scene since its first outbreak on June 21 st, when the Mayor said ‘things are not looking bright’.. unfortunately he was right. We hope all efforts that are put in this firefighting operation have a good outcome. We believe everything is being done to save this Paradise on Earth. According to the General Directorate of Forestry and Muğla Governorship ’14 planes and 27 helicopters are involved in the firefighting response in Marmaris’

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Official Sources: General Directorate of Forestry, Muğla Governorship

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