What is left after a wildfire in Amazon?

An upside amid all the tragedy in Amazon fire.

The wildfire season is far from over in south western area of Turkey.
Marmaris is under a heatwave and dangerously hot conditions remain until mid September.

From the air the scale of devastation in and around Amazon is enormous. Deeper into the mountains the virgin forests were exposed to fire, there’s nothing left down the road. This area was designated a status of Wildlife Development area last year. Rare species like the Anatolian caracals, grizzly bears and wolves inhabited the area. The areas wetlands were home to many birds. A true paradise on earth that was.

There isn’t a lot of good news after the wildfire. But in Amazon, Bordubet fire stopped just short of the greenest beach known as Amazon that survived the blaze.

Here are the photos taken last week, in the beginning of August 2022 by the Keskiner family and kinly shared with us: