Sudden death of the entertainment sector in Marmaris

Sudden death of the entertainment sector in Marmaris

Having raised the question about nightlife in times of Covid19 in Marmaris, we have somehow predicted its future…
Some of our articles have predicted many events this season.
So here’s the latest prediction made by that came to life as of today September 11.

We have asked whether the nightlife in Marmaris is becoming a #tbt or a thing of the past in yesterday’s article. And received an answer today:
Marmaris Governor held a meeting as a result of which a decision was drawn to close any cafes or restaurants that seem to be working as discos, night club, or bars.
The basis of how these types of activity will be determined by local police is not clear.

Needless to say Marmaris streets are silenced as of tonight…

Rules are changing daily, subject to local officials and may be moderated to reflect a local situation at any time.

Please stay safe and will keep you updated with any changes as they come to light.

Goodnight from an unusually quiet Marmaris.

Official Source of Information: Marmaris Governorship