Rare photographs and ambitious travel projects in Marmaris revisited

Rare photographs and ambitious travel projects in Marmaris revisited

Different approaches to travel projects in Marmaris were tried and tested for the past decade. Supremely ambitious projects were undertaken, with most of them completed and financed by Marmaris Chamber of Commerce. See for yourselves:

Honey House Museum built in 2012 in Osmaniye Village. The main goal was set to ‘supervise Osmaniye and Marmaris…, support apiculture activities and local development with a scientific and ethnographic center in Marmaris where honey production has already been branded’ The Honey House and museum were built to become ‘a scientific center… and a social recreation area for our village and its inhabitants, a scientific museum – showroom and research – development laboratory’

Ancient Amos 2.200-year-old city restoration to encourage culture tourism
Discovery of the ancient steps, fragments of amphitheatre and necropolis on top of the hill is all we have to visit. In the 5th century Amos was incorporated in the Delian league together with the other Rhodian areas. Unfortunately the site of Ancient Amos is not on any of the tour’s itineraries and never properly introduced to tourists.

An Orthodox Church Kameriye to promote religious holidays and weddings. This is one of those projects nobody knows about and the progress of its restoration.

Strategic analysis, Marmaris history and ethnography. Again not much is available on any of this work.

Searching for alternatives in tourism the Chamber of Commerce brought this old tank to Marmaris coast. The tank was supposed to be sunken off Marmaris coast. The tank would create an artificial reef to attract wreck divers to Marmaris. This project did not deliver on its promises.

The local officials have defended the right to decide which projects were to be funded. The coming years will show whether any of these projects have future or not.