Miserable stay-at-home weekend is here again

Marmaris Morning Views Photos

Do you know what we are doing this weekend instead of walking around to take more photos and videos? We’ll stick to the rules as the weekend curfew is still observed in Turkey. Just like many we are becoming miserable stay-at-home. But because we are we will be finishing another project – the up – to – date report for the Post Office Holiday Money Report. According to its recent publication ‘Not only was Turkey voted one of the destinations rated best value by British holidaymakers – see page six of the attached report brochure – but Marmaris was runner-up in the Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer featuring 46 destinations. The report brochure refers to Turkey in many sections so I hope you find it an interesting read. There were almost 200 items of positive coverage in UK media at the weekend.’

Please contact us if you would like to review the current report. The next report is due to be published in mid-July.

Walking down the Long beach ( Uzunyali ) reveals more life and new venues built with the back to basics features including a wicker roof! A feature that dates back to the early ’80s! 

Marmaris is offering a shadow of what it normally does. The places that are open right now are struggling to break even. They still provide the best service and hearty meals and all inclusive. At this time of the year the beaches are usually open and hotels would normally be close to fully booked. The past year feels like a lost battle. And if the Covid rules in other countries are eased to allow traveling to Turkey in June, that could make a big difference.

The visitors that are here right now are truly privileged to receive personalized service and loads of space by the pools and on the beaches!

Watch more on our website here are the real time photos and videos for you to enjoy: