Marmaris Survivor – the Mysterious Life Story

Death has no power over this man’s life.

Time to tell a remarkable story of Mehmet Övet, a corn stand owner who survived 7 deadly accidents, starting as young as a 7-year-old. These accidents include falling off high buildings, drowning, being hit by electricity, being a victim of gun shooting 15 gun shots were fired at him (!) and a motorbike crash when his motorbike was hit by a hotel’s service bus which was driving over the speed limit in Marmaris, the hotel’s service bus was driving at 110 km per hour when it hit Mehmet Övet’s motorbike… His story may seem incredible especially given the dramatic and lengthy stays in a coma in intensive care.
When you have a history of major accidents in a life you grow stronger and more positive about making the most of your life. What’s his secret? Is it Destiny, Hard-Work or Luck? Walk up to his corn stand and have a chat with Mehmet Övet. One thing we know for sure he will put a smile on your face and share his positive vibes. He loves to take selfies for his facebook pages, so be ready to say ‘CHEESE’ over corn!