Marmaris Fishing Trip

Marmaris fishing trip
A view from fishing trip

Marmaris Fishing Trip

Marmaris fishing trip away from the hustle of the town, with your fishing lines bobbing up and down in clear blue waters as the gulls hover by the boat, the silence is only broken by a gentle plop as your fish grabs the bait.

Marmaris half – day fishing tours are regularly organized every morning. Our 12 meter fishing boat takes maximum 12 anglers and has all the equipment you need to locate and catch fish.

Unlike many other fishing destinations, Marmaris fishing trips are done in locations only short distance away from Marmaris harbour, often less than 30 minutes away. More time with the lines in the water mean more of a chance to make that catch of a lifetime.

Our captain has spent many years fishing in Marmaris and the neighbourhood and has built up an intimate knowledge of local species and locations .You will be given the necessary hints and help to make your day a success.

Your friends or family who are not interested in Fishing can join the tour as ‘Visitor’ sunbathe at the front of the boat and enjoy the tranquil scenery.

Please visit fishing Trip details on Marmaris Excursions pages.