Marmaris Fires

Marmaris Fires

Marmaris Fires. For the past 8 days Turkey has been fighting against the most catastrophic wildfires in history. The scale of it is escalating every single day… The wildfire in Amos (the bay next to Turunc) could not be put down and burned all night long. So did the area of Oren and all of Turkey held its breath as the fire moved towards the thermal power station. Thanks to the heroic actions of firefighters, rescue teams, rescue volunteers and local communities they stood firmly against fires last night and stopped it. The station did not burn last night. Where we are in Marmaris the resort and its hotels are safe and fully operating. Many of the hotels, apartments and villas in Marmaris have generously opened their doors to provide free accommodation to fire victims. We post about this on social media so its easier to follow. The number of fire victims are growing. It has already been compared to an apocalypse…

The aid from all over Turkey and other countries all around the world is growing, you can read on the news. Looking through the international news we saw the words ‘People flee as blazes spread in Marmaris and Bodrum’ we wanted to put more light and explain that once again international news must be more specific, that’s probably why people prefer local news. Marmaris has 25 districts or neighborhoods : Adakoy, Armutalan, Bayir, Beldibi, Bozburun, Camdibi, Camli, Cetibeli, Cildir, Hatirpirimi, Hisaronu, Icmeler, Karaca, Kemeralti, Orhaniye, Osmaniye, Sariana, Selimiye, Siteler, Sogut, Taslica, Tepe, Turgut, Turunc, Yesilbelde. The wildfires are burning in Hisaronu, Orhaniye, Turgut and out of Turunc in Amos at the moment. We believe this information is important for those who have friends, family or simply cares about this place on earth.

To top up these news Turkey is still on the red list. Nothing is changing.

Early morning we drove around Marmaris then walked down to the beach, here are the real time photos: remains an independent source of Marmaris information since 1997, solely owned by 4S Company.

Official Sources: Tuik,, GOV.UK Red, amber and green list rules for entering England

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