How would you score Turkish food

How would you score Turkish food

How would you score Turkish food.

Surprise, surprise: World Cuisine Ranking for June 2022 published by TasteAtlas, Turkish food ranked only #17 far behind Italy, Greece, Spain, France, USA.

The Turkish and Asian Food not dominating the top 10 says it all. This list seems to be quite wrong.

Who is behind the TasteAtlas: its headquarters are in Bulgaria, and the company is founded by a Croatian. Naturally the majority of their content is focused on European countries.

According to TasteAtlas it relies on user-generated content, the ranking was obtained based on the users’ average rating of the country’s 30 best dishes, beverages, and food products of the country. When you look at the map Turkey is listed for kebab, dondurma (ice cream) and kunefe – a surprising combination of food that cannot solely represent Turkish cuisine.

The World Cuisine Ranking is just another example of limited research and misleading content. We all know there is much more to Turkish Food. remains an independent source of Marmaris information since 1997, solely owned by 4S Company.

Official Sources: TasteAtlas

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