From Music to Art it’s time to go out in Marmaris

October evenings and weekends in Marmaris are filled with concerts to the most talked-about exhibitions as part of the 15th International Marmaris Music Festival – and it’s time you joined them. Here is your ‘Save the Date’ for all things to do in Marmaris this October. What better way to spend October?

15th International Marmaris Music Festival

1 – 30 October 2023
‘We are all happy together on the 100th Anniversary’ of the Turkish Republic

02 October 2023Opening Ceremony with an Exhibition and ConcertArmutalan Culture Center20:30
05 October 2023Köln – Turkish Chamber Orchestra and Choir
Conductor: Betin Güneş
Armutalan Culture Center20:30
11 October 2023Emilia Battiskaya Damask and Piano recitalArmutalan Culture Center20:30
13 October 2023Ksenia Olşanskaya Pop-Jazz ConcertThe 19th of May Youth and Sports Square by the Central Fountain20:30
15 October 2023Mus Erol Songs Concert (Premier)
Piano: Deniz Sever
Soloist: Mahide Gül, Soprano
Nina Novikova, Alto
Mustafa Erol, Tenor
Armutalan Culture Center20:30
16 October 2023Marmaris Chamber Orchestra Concert
Conductor: Nezih Seçkin
Concertmaster : H. Murat Gürol
Soloists: Ela Talay (Harp)
Naz İrem Türkmen (Violin)
Armutalan Culture Center20:30
19 October 2023Galina Öztürk Pop-Jazz ConcertThe 19th of May Youth and Sports Square by the Central Fountain20:30
20 October 2023Marmaris Chamber Orchestra and Mugla Anatolian Fine Arts High School Choir
The 100th Anniversary of the Republic Concert
Conductor: Deniz Sever
Concertmaster: H. Murat Gürol
Soloist: Mehmet Semih Karadağ (Violinist)
Choirmaster: Ulku Uslu
Armutalan Culture Center20:30
24 October 2023Lydian Ensemble Chamber Music Group
Soloist: Ranya Kaban (Ballet dancer)
Netsel Marina20:30
02-30 October 2023Atatürk and Republic Tememed Visual Art ExhibitionsHalk Cafe, Marti Resort Hotel, Diamond Hotel and Netsel Marina