Come and don’t meet the dolphins: an end to cruel captivity in Marmaris

Come and don’t meet the dolphins: an end to cruel captivity in Marmaris

Come and don’t meet the dolphins. It’s a source of enormous relief, inspiration and pride to us all that Marmaris will no longer have a facility holding captive dolphins. But Marmaris has a long history of captivity which you may not be aware of, so let’s take a look at how far we’ve come…

The main commercial captive dolphin era in Marmaris started with the opening of the Dolphin Park, under German management. In the summer of 2020 it was closed by court’s decision, which was appealed and the park was reopen shortly.

In the summer of 2022 following four cases of dying dolphins in Marmaris Onmega Dolphin Park in a short span of time, the Freedom for Dolphins platform has made a statement on the social media accounts about filing a criminal complaint against the Dolphin Park in Marmaris.

On November 19th 2022 we have learned about the breaking news that Marmaris Dolphin Park was closed.
Unfortunately the two remaining dolphins are transferred to another captivity in Antalya. The environmental and animal rights societies are continuing to fight against this decision as it is not satisfactory. The situation is worsened by the news about one of the dolphins whose name is Daisy declining health.
In the statement of the platform, it was said: “We will try to file a lawsuit against the dolphin park by using other evidence photos and videos we have. Together with Splash, we demand justice and freedom for other captive animals.”

In general the deaths of dolphins are connected to the lack of control and careless attitude in dolphin parks in Turkey.

As before the animal protection rights enthusiasts are determined to free the dolphins, in order for them to be sent to a rehabilitation center, followed by a release to their natural habitat. We all still hope for a miracle and further updates. We hope this happens all over the world, not only in Marmaris, Turkey. remains an independent source of Marmaris information since 1997, solely owned by 4S Company.

Source:, Freedom for Dolphins platform social media


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