Big Changes for Hoteliers are on the way

Dear Friends,

there is an irreversible tendency for online travel bookings to increase each year. The latest developments in the world and the pandemic have boosted the online travel industry. We are all familiar with major booking sites around the world. However, an attempt to make it easier for guests and property owners to communicate, book and change their stays is taken to a different level. Hotel owners are creating new digital platforms to receive direct bookings. The latest example of this comes from France where over 300 small hoteliers have joined their powers and expertise to create a new booking system. The project’s slogan is ‘je choisis la France’ translated as ‘I choose France’.

Direct bookings with hotels around the world is the fastest way to talk to a real hotel representative, who can help you with your issues and experience the hotel’s customer service before you even book. There is going to be more competition in travel industry and we believe that hotels in Turkey and Marmaris should be starting a project on their own any time soon.