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Tonight make your way to Günnücek Marmaris National Park and enjoy a few hours surrounded by beautiful forest and a public concert tonight.

Two types of sweet gum or liquidambar trees in Günnücek Forest have participated in a scientific project. Under the leadership of the Netherlands-based ‘New Path to Equality (NP2E) Foundation, many organisations and artists have come together not only in this scientific study but also in the formation of a musical work composed on the vibration data of those sweet gum or liquidambar trees.

The World Premiere will be performed right next to these sweet gum trees also known as liquidambar trees in the Günnücek Forest in Marmaris National Park. Don’t miss this unique and unforgettable experience where composer Bert Barten will explain the journey of this project and there will be a short live demo. (You can come with your camping chair or cushion😊)
Marmaris National Park Günnücek Forest
31 May 2024, Friday 19:00

The park is a part of the National Park in Marmaris, home to rare or endangered species of flora and fauna including the gum trees or liquidambar trees.

Günnücek Marmaris National Park has seasonal trails and activities for visitors of all ages. Make sure you check their opening hours for details on what’s on when you’re planning your day out!

How to come to Günnücek Marmaris National Park?

If you are flying in, the nearest airport is Dalaman Airport, which is approximately 100 kilometers away from Marmaris where the park is located. If you arrive in Marmaris by bus you can take a taxi to the park.

If you are already in Marmaris, you can take a dolmus (minibus) from the town center to Yalanci Boğaz and tell the driver to stop at the gate of Günnücek Marmaris National Park, which takes approximately 15 minutes from Marmaris Center.


Amazing free concert near you
Amazing free concert near you