Where to go on holiday in August for the best weather

Where to go on holiday in August for the best weather

Marmaris Morning Views

We at marmarisinfo.com continue to share the morning views with you all the way from Marmaris Turkey, while you are staying safe at home and can’t travel.

August is the peak summer getaway for both the Turkish families and those abroad, when the only real issue is choosing from the long list of accommodations in Marmaris.  You will recall an article about the hotel openings in Marmaris. The majority of the hotels have reopened. However, there are those that will remain closed for the second year in a row, and Sunrise hotel, Palm Beach hotel, and Julian hotel are among those.

All eyes are on the 30th of July waiting for the news from the country of fog. Numerous actions and petitions are going around for Turkey to be removed from the Red List. Marmaris is top destination for UK market and counts on its arrivals this summer too.

Speaking of the weather, there is arguably nowhere better in August than Marmaris. With cloudless sky, plenty of heat and sunshine Marmaris enjoys the absence of rains in summer months.

Daytime along Marmaris’ coast are long, hot and drenched in sunshine. UV is strong and very high, so use a good SPF. The evenings remain hot as well, when it rarely falls below 25°C.

Although the sea provides a refreshing escape, the high heat and humidity may make Marmaris too hot for some. Check if it’s right for you online Marmaris Weather Forecast by Marmaris Info

Enjoy the views: