When will Marmaris be closed?

In anticipation of the Democracy and National Unity day in Turkey celebrated on July 15 2022 Marmaris Governorship has ordered the following and provided instructions to assist the National bicycle race and the street parade in Marmaris.

The National Bicycle Race will be taking place from 10:00 AM until 12:30 to commemorate the heroes and martyrs on the Democracy and National Unity day in Marmaris Turkey.

Due to the race one of the lanes of the central road leading all the way from the entry to Marmaris to Icmeler will be closed to traffic and pedestrians. Please follow the signs and police instructions. The route of the National Bicycle Race includes the city entrance, industrial intersection, the Pearl conjunction, Teb bank intersection, Youth Square, Ataturk Square, Ketenci intersection, Blue Port, Court House intersections, Police Station, Grand Azur hotel, Pasa Beach hotel, Golden Rock hotel and all the way to Turban Hotel.

Later in the evening the main street from Blue Port intersection to Ataturk square and up to the Youth Square will be closed to traffic from 19:00 until 22:30. The street parade and running marathon will take place in the evening.

The Democracy and National Unity day is commemorated with events honouring those who lost their lives while defeating the failed coup of 2016 and to remember the bravery of the nation. Marmaris was the place where major events took place back in 2016 in the area of Turban Hotel.

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Official Sources: Marmaris Governorship, Marmaris Municipality

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