The story of Mona Lisa may have begun in Turkey

The story of Mona Lisa may have begun in Turkey

Did you know? The story of Mona Lisa may have begun in Turkey.

Recently the excavations by the Osmaniye Museum Directorate in the southern province of Osmaniye’s Kadirli district have discovered a mosaic with a female figure, which archaeologists call  “Mona Lisa of the ancient age“ attracts attention with its stance, look and similarity to the world-famous Mona Lisa painting.

The mosaic area is believed to have once decorated the floor of a villa between the first and the second centuries, and the female figure is thought to have been the owner of the villa.

“We can call this mosaic the Mona Lisa of Kadirli,” said archaeologist Ümit Kayışoğlu. “This mosaic area is the only known mosaic area with human figures in Osmaniye. This is the remains of a villa built in the first and second centuries A.D.”

The Kadirli district was declared a third-degree site back in 2015 when the ruins of the ancient city of Flaviapolis were found.

Describing the mosaics found, he said: “There are four different types of mosaics here. There is a lady in the middle of one of the mosaics, and we call this person Kadirli’s Mona Lisa. Because her look and stance are reminiscent of the original one.”

Source: Ministry of Culture, Osmaniye Museum Directorate, Hurriyet Daily News