The earthquake victims battle yet another natural disaster

Thousands of earthquake victims have been faced with yet another natural disaster: flooding in #Urfa and #Adıyaman, killing 15 persons on March 15 2023…
The met office issued emergency alert as more rain forecast.

We pray for all those affected and ask for prayers from you 🙏

The photo shows the current state of Balıklı göl in Şanlıurfa. This is one of the most significant places of faith in Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Balıklı göl is known as the place where Ibrahim/ Abraham was thrown into the fire by Nimrod. When he landed in the fire, the flames have turned to water and burning logs into fish. That’s why this place is called “the lake of fish” or “Balıklı gölü”

İbrahim is an important prophet a in Islam, equally important in Christianity and Judaism. İbrahim/ Abraham is the same prophet who was ready to sacrifice his son.