Stay longer than visa

Stay longer than visa

Passaport Information
Passaport Information

Stay longer than visa

Before you decide to overstay your tourist visa think twice. Turkish immigration authorities are getting tough on people who over stay their tourist visa. The new rules are as follows:

1 and 15 days overstay
There is no restriction on re-entering Turkey but you will have to pay the appropriate visa fines and you will need to obtain your new visa from a Turkish Consulate.

16 days or more overstay
Not only will you have to pay the fines for over staying but you would also need to leave Turkey and would not be allowed entry for 3 months.

3 months overstay
In addition to the fines the person would have to leave Turkey and would not be allowed entry for 6 months.

For greater periods than above
fines would be double and the refusal of entry times for 6 months over stay would not be allowed entry to Turkey for 12 months etc.

We think the fines are very tough as those people who just make a minor date error and inadvertently stay an extra few days will now have to take a special trip to renew their visa outside of Turkey.

So it pays to renew your visa a little bit earlier to allow for any errors.

You may easily renew your visa by taking a trip over to Rhodes island, Greece. Further details are available here