Sogut and Taslica

Sogut and Taslica villages

Sogut and Taslica villages are located on the southwest of Marmaris, on the far end of the Bozburun Peninsula through the Bayir Village.

Things to Do & See in Sogut & Taslica

On the southwest of the village, about one kilometer, you may see the very few remnants of the ancient city of Thyssanos.

The Saranda Cove is the gate for the sea as the village stays inside the shore about three kilometers. Saranda Cove has great landscape. You may see the Greek Island of Simi. The landscape is fascinating especially in sunset times. There are also hotels and restaurants in the region. Organic agriculture is popular in the village.

Taslica is about 5 kilometers from Sogut. The road has great landscape. The remnants of the ancient city of Phoenix is 4 kilometers away from Taslica on the Asar Hill.

The Serce Harbour nearby the village Taslica is another place of interest. It is located 8 kilometers by the village. Serce Harbor is very popular for the blue voyage yachts and boats. The sea is very bright and clean. The area is very protective for the yachts even in the very stormy weather.

Whole region is very popular for trekking tours.

How to Get There?

Sogut and Taslica villages are located on the 50 kilometers southwest of Marmaris. You may also find midi buses from Marmaris.

Sogut marmaris
Sogut marmaris