Selimiye Marmaris

Selimiye is located on the southwest of Marmaris. It is 10 kilometres from the village Orhaniye. Selimiye is also a popular place for the blue voyage yachts and boats. The village has very green environment. The sea is very clean and bright but there are not any big beaches around. The closest beach is two kilometers away that the beach there has a shining great sand. There are restaurants at the shore serving the yachts, boats and visitors. The region is very quite and calm. It is possible to see ancient city remnants too like in every village of Marmaris. The ancient city of Hydas was located in the region.

Things to Do & See in Selimiye

You may see the remnants of the ancient city of Hydas in Selimiye. There are remnants of three castles on different locations. On the southeast hills of the cove, you may see the remnants of the city walls belonging to Hellenistic era. The observation bastion made for guiding the boats on the sea and 100 meters away from the shore, the lighthouse, the monastery and the theatre are the other remnants of the village that worth seeing.

Also we recommend you to taste the fresh sea food at the quality restaurants.

You may also participate the daily boat trips made to the side coves and islands. You may see the monastery on the Kamelya Island.

How to Get There?

Selimiye is located about 40 km. on the southwest of Marmaris , following the Marmaris – Datca Road. You may also find midi buses going to Selimiye from central Marmaris.

Selimiye marmaris
Selimiye marmaris