Orhaniye is situated in the Marmaris district of Muğla Province, Turkey. It is located 28.6 km west of Marmaris on the Aegean sea.
From Marmaris to Kumlubük 28.6 km. Approx. 37 min. drive from Marmaris center.

Orhaniye lies on an outstanding environment along with the beautiful pine forests and nice coves. The colour of the forests reflect to the sea and a wonderful landscape appears. The sea is always very calm in Orhaniye as well.

The Amazing Jesus Beach (Kizkumu Beach)

Jesus Beach located at the Orhaniye Bay is one of the popular tourist attractions around Marmaris. The journey to the beach is around half an hour from Marmaris. This lovely beach is just 2.5 Km from the Turgut village. The Orhaniye village has become an important tourist destination around the Hisaronu Gulf. The yachts anchoring at the gulf spend their nights in Orhaniye. The natural setting around Orhaniye is incredible with wonderful landscapes like nice beaches, a calm sea and pine forests.

Walking On the Sea!

The most amazing experience at the Kizkumu Beach in Orhaniye is walking on the sea! This place is one of the natural wonders with a sandy wall rising from underwater dividing the gulf into two deeper parts. On any day, you’ll be able to walk over this 600 meters long and 2-3 meters wide shelf with less than knee deep water. Apart from this, you can enjoy sunbathing, play on the beach, swim in the sea and indulge in water sports organized by holidaymakers in the area. Camel riding at the beach is an added attraction.

The Legend of the Jesus Beach

Kizkumu in Turkish means the ‘maiden’s sand’. There are many prevailing legends attached with the beach. One of the legends says the daughter of a Bybassos King had fallen in love with a fisherman. The king by some means got a hint of this and refused to approve their relationship. The daughter refused to budge as well and would meet her lover secretly at the beach by this small bay. The king once ordered his soldiers to catch both of them and kill the fisherman if they happened to meet again.

The soldiers once followed the princess, chased her and tried to catch the lovers. However, the princess escaped and in a hurry to rescue her lover, she ran into the sea. The sea turned into sand wherever she ran and again turned into water while the soldiers followed her. One of the soldiers aimed an arrow at the fisherman but it hit the princess by mistake. The blood spilled off and the part of the sea turned red instantly.

Jesus beach orhaniye
Jesus beach orhaniye