Marmaris went to sleep and woke up to earthquakes

Last night Marmaris felt the aftershock of the earthquake out at sea just South of Marmaris, on the line between Marmaris and the island of Rhodes in Greece. This morning we woke up to another earthquake at around 7AM. Unfortunately earthquakes are part of life in this part of the Mediterranean and the Aegean. Yet this time the reaction of the community was somewhat different. Before many would go out and sleep in their gardens or cars. This time nobody seemed to be out, let alone sleeping out of their homes. Perhaps the latest events on a global scale have made us stronger. We have developed a high resistance to stress which is good in these difficult times.

This morning the Mayor of Marmaris Mr. Mehmet OKTAY has announced an Earthquake Relief telephone number 0850 888 48 48 . Although there has been no damage in the area so far this telephone line is for people who might need help.

Green circles show the earthquakes’ epicenters or the points where the earthquake originates which is central to the area of effect of an earthquake:

Earthquake map shows most recent epicenters
Earthquake map shows most recent epicenters

Stay Safe and we will be carrying on with daily tasks and more news for you coming all the way from the heart & heat of Marmaris, Turkey!

Sources: The University of Bogazici, Marmaris Municipality