Marmaris reports first COVID-19 death

Marmaris reported its first death from novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in August 2020, this is the first death in our small town, announced by the Mayor of Marmaris Mr Mehmet Oktay on the local TV channel Kanal48. He was deeply saddened to speak about the death of a Marmaris local and expressed his condolences to the family. He went further on to warn the residents and visitors of Marmaris to take the situation very seriously and comply with the issued requirements, precautions and measures to stop the spread of coronavirus. This is the first death associated with COVID-19 in Marmaris, the coastal tourist resort of 98 thousand population and zero COVID-19 cases to mid summer.

Learn about ‘Safe Areas’ on the application developed by Turkish Ministry of Health ready to download on GooglePlay. If you need any help please email

The Ministry of Interior announced they will be simultaneously checking all businesses, public places, etc. around all country tomorrow. The order will be strictly followed in Marmaris. We would like to remind all visitors of Marmaris to wear face masks everywhere except the beach and cafes or restaurants while eating or drinking. The fines will be applied to local and foreigners alike.

We will be publishing another article about what measures the local businesses have taken so far and what you must look for when you holiday in Marmaris.

Stay safe.

Source: Kanal48