Marmaris Morning Views Campaign by

Marmaris Morning Views Campaign by

Marmaris has always been a popular place to visit but as lockdown came in early spring last year Marmaris turned to its quiet mode. Marmaris is visited by more than one million people each year. This past year, however, has been a much slower year.

Last summer was particularly challenging. Most of the hotels and local businesses were closed, yet we still had holiday makers arriving, despite the lockdown travel restrictions. We invested time in reassuring anxious travellers, listening to local hotels to understand their challenges, while facilitating dialogue with our followers most of whom are true Marmaris friends.

Tourism was officially able to reopen end-June, and several hotels adapted their facilities for what would be a safer and cleaner environment than ever before. We’ve stayed focused on tackling the situation and new rules and informed you of those.

While people weren’t able to visit Marmaris, team found ways to bring it to them via the #morningviews campaign.

This year we understood more than ever the important role can play placing the nature of Marmaris at the heart of recovery and supporting personal wellbeing.

The reason we are doing so many stories during the week is to support personal wellbeing and encourage our friends to stay safe and healthy. Marmaris is not going anywhere and we are here to show you its beauty each and every day, except for the weekends lockdown 🙂

We have responded to the challenges of Covid in a spirit of encouragement, developing the #MorningViews stories and writing many other articles to focus on the positive side of life.

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Safe travels!

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